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Improving performance involves thinking clearly - reaching decisions (sometimes difficult ones) and driving change – all at pace.

For successful Turnaround timing is always an enemy and doesn’t forgive a slow or false start. 

Characteristics of Turnaround...

  • A burning platform

  • Lack of cash

  • Breach of covenants

  • Creditor stretch

  • Taken on more loans to aid working capital

  • Need for data quickly so informed decisions can be made

  • Need for strong “stakeholder management” to help stabilise the situation



team of seasoned professionals across multi disciplines covering all aspects of Turnaround ... Operations, Financial Accounting, Property, Sales and Marketing strategies, Corporate Structures.

PROMPTS  offering...

For your Company...


  • We create a clear deliverable turnaround plan

  • Provide strong cash flow and creditor management

  • Drive performance improvement

  • Provide good Stakeholder management/communication                     (Bank, Legal & Accountancy firms)

  • We deliver restructuring and refinance where needed

  • We bring PROMPTS track record of delivering positive                   outcomes

For your Advisors... 

     ( Banks, Panel Accountancy Firms, Legal Firms...)

  • We have strong Case Studies to highlight PROMPTS credentials

  • Our previous successful partnering with professional firms has delivered positive outcomes.

  • With PROMPT the business is safe in experienced hands, protecting Reputational Risk.

  • The knowledge that proactive engagement as early as possible brings about positive outcomes.

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