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Improving performance involves thinking clearly - reaching decisions (sometimes difficult ones)

and driving change – all at pace.

For successful Turnaround timing is always an

enemy and doesn’t forgive a slow or false start. 

Characteristics of Turnaround...

  • A burning platform

  • Lack of cash

  • Breach of covenants

  • Creditor stretch

  • Taken on more loans to aid working capital

  • Need for data quickly so informed decisions can be made

  • Need for strong “stakeholder management”to help stabilise the situation



team of seasoned professionals across multi-disciplines covering all aspects of Turnaround ...      Operations, Financial Accounting, Property, Sales and Marketing strategies, Corporate Structures.

PROMPTS  offering...

For your Company...


  • We create a clear deliverable turnaround plan

  • Provide strong cash flow and creditor             management

  • Drive performance improvement

  • Provide good Stakeholder management/communication                                    (Bank, Legal & Accountancy firms)

  • We deliver restructuring and refinance where   needed

  • We bring PROMPTS track record of delivering positive outcomes

For your Advisors... 

      (Banks, Panel Accountancy Firms, Legal


  • We have strong Case Studies to highlight PROMPTS credentials

  • Our previous successful partnering with professional firms has delivered positive outcomes.

  • With PROMPT the business is safe in experienced hands, protecting Reputational Risk.

  • The knowledge that proactive engagement as early as possible brings about positive outcomes.

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