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All About Us

PROMPT Business Strategies was set up by David Stone 14 years ago after having run several businesses that needed turning around or refocusing - and doing it successfully. He saw there was a better way of doing it...and proved it worked by successfully turning around or refocusing on growth several companies as CEO. He decided then to take his methods forward to help other companies in similar circumstances. We now help on average between 10 and 12 companies a year get back to growth.

What Sets Us Apart...

What sets us apart is our practical hands on experience in turning around and growing businesses having worked in most sectors. 

Clearly we can produce great reports as others do (ours are very good), but it's our practical, commercial and analytical approach that makes us different and delivers outstanding results.  

David Stone ( Founder & CEO) has hand-picked his team of professionals each bringing different technical and commercial experience enabling Prompt to have the inhouse expertise to deliver challenging business turnarounds and growth strategies. David has over 20 years experience in business turnaround and strategic growth, born out of his time spent running SMEs to lisited  PLCs 

We work as a team with management of all sizes of businesses of £3million to£300million. 

We take great pride in our work and are passionate about delivering the right solution to protect shareholder value together with key stakeholders. We are typically engaged on 12 projects per year, some that run for months and some that are light touch needing much less input. 

Most of our work starts by gaining a real understanding of what is the cause of the problem, with most businesses experiencing cash flow challenges. Usually the first is producing a detailed cash flow in order to establish a “cash flow runway".  From that we work with management to stabilise the business(s) whilst working up a practical deliverable plan. We engage and respond extremely quickly.

We relish a challenge. Let's discuss how we can help you from cash flow management to full turnaround and strategic growth.  We are here to support you. 

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