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Improving Performance


Is the business underperforming?

What has changed?

  • Changes in consumer buying behaviour:

    • impacting sales

    • pricing

    • profitability

  • Change in cost of sale, material, logistics: margin erosion.

  • Strain on working capital

  • Breaching covenants

  • Need for additional funding (working capital / growth capital)

  • Need for clear Strategic Plan.

Leads to Growth

PROMPTS Offering:

A team of seasoned professionals across multiple disciplines (from operations, financial accounting, property, sales & marketing strategies, corporate structures).

PROMPT Business Mapping

Developed by PROMPT, our unique method for evaluating key areas of a business so that you...

  •       Know where you are now

  •       Know where you want to be             


  •       Know how to get there

What we do...

Evaluate quick wins

Determine medium/longer term actions

Secure funding if required

Establish timescales to action plan

Lists the actions needed to be taken by management, PROMPT or other.


We are a dedicated team with substantive hands-on experience and contacts that we bring to bear in whatever we do for our clients. We want you to succeed.



founder & CEO

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