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Underperforming Businesses

Turnaround is a crisis situation!


Successful turnaround is about thinking clearly, reaching decisions – sometimes difficult ones - and driving change – all at pace.


It’s about cash - are you generating it or burning it? 


It’s about being commercial.


It’s about good data...and information to make sure you are making good decisions that can be clearly communicated to all involved.


It requires good communications with your stakeholders. This is paramount.


It’s about practical experience - at Prompt we have seen it and done it. We know what works - and just as importantly we know what doesn’t!


It’s about implementing changes quickly. 


It’s about multitasking in complex situations.


It’s about navigating through the tasks and prioritising the ones that will make a difference.


It’s knowing what resource is needed - people, funding, processes - and how to put them in place rapidly


Time is almost always an enemy and doesn’t often forgive a slow or false start. 

PROMPT has developed processes in response to the demands of many key stakeholders. They know our outputs and actions are always data driven, so the evaluation phase is key to winning breathing space. They know that we will then follow a series of processes, improving the data as we work with you, to achieve initial stabilisation, a medium term turnaround plan and a longer term return to growth and profit improvement. They trust us, so you can.


We know its not easy…but with our help it is possible…


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