Growth Strategies

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Readying businesses for diversification, expansion, 

re-expansion or entering new markets and launching new products requires careful forecasting and managing, and it usually requires additional funding. 


Alternatively, you may be planning a divestment,  sale or exit or have received an unsolicited approach. 


Or you may be considering retirement and succession planning, possibly a MBO and want to know how far the business can finance and support that.

We work in conjunction with a company's existing trusted advisors, such as lawyers and accountants to help achieve a better outcome. Our unique combination of  Commercial and Investment experience plus practical hands-on experience means we are able to  help put in place the foundations (financial, strategic and operational) which are key to a successful transaction.

We work with Board members and senior managers to develop a business blueprint or to identify and substantiate value.


Depending on your requirements, our delivery can range from formulating a fresh business plan, to market analysis or 

due-diligence, to implementing independent financial reviews (cash-flow, working capital and returns analysis), to exploring funding options or examining exit possibilities, including succession planning, management buy-out or out-right sale.

  We are a dedicated team with substantive hands-on 

experience and contacts that

we bring to bear in whatever we do for our clients. We want you to succeed.


founder & CEO